The Ancient Art Of Hair Removal For Men & Women

What is it?..

Sugaring is the ancient Egyptian art of hair removal using sugar. It is applied either in a warm layer which is removed with a strip or in a ball that is spread upon the hair and removed by a swing of the hand. The ball method is perfect for sensitive areas as it is applied cool and can go over the same area as many times as is needed for a thorough treatment and excellent results.

Why sugar, not wax?...

As the sugar sticks only to the hair and not the skin it is less painful than waxing when removed. The hair is removed from the root and re-growth can take up to 4-6 weeks, with repeated treatments hair re-grows finer and more sparse. The sugar washes away with a little warm water so there is no sticky residue after treatment, and as the sugar is applied warm the experience is far more comfortable. It's 100% natural and therefore a reaction is less likely.

The Experience...

The Green Room specialises in sugaring. The environment I have created is welcoming, comfortable and personal. No client is rushed and I am dedicated to providing thorough treatments in a relaxing atmosphere. Sugaring is an excellent way to remove unwanted hair and the results are amazing.